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C-Quest- A Mobile App Game

C-Quest is specially designed to facilitate meaningful parent-child conversations on their online experiences and explore various cyber wellness issues in order to navigate the cyber space safely and responsibly.


Please download the slides for an introduction to the game. 


Please click here for more details on MOE Cyber Wellness Website.


Avoiding Online Gaming Addiction - Schoolbag Article

Retired principal, Mrs Jenny Yeo, shares tips on how parents can help their child avoid getting addicted to online gaming.


Gary+ screamed and yelled at the adults who refused to open the door to the computer room. When this did not work, he grabbed a chopper and threatened to use it on them! Gary’s parents had to call the police in to restrain him. They also sought professional help for his online gaming addiction. It was a long and difficult time for the family.


Online gaming can be a fun recreational activity to relieve stress. However, when a child becomes addicted to online gaming, he or she tends to become restless or withdraw from family and friends when they are not getting their online ‘fix’. Other symptoms like tardy behaviour in school, isolating themselves or even neglecting their health may be observed. 


As parents, we need to proactively protect our children from being addicted to online gaming. Here are some tips on preventing this from happening:  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE >>

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